12-3-17 Latest prayer letter for Evangelist Steve Morris

Evangelist Steve Morris

Dear praying friends:

What does an Evangelist do? EVANGELIZE !! As always I have been trying to be a faithful soul winner, every day but Sunday. I can not walk up and down the hills of Florianopolis miles and miles each day, like I did for 6 years. So, I go to the Centro bus station , where many thousands come each day. I start from there. If someone is sitting alone on a bench, I sit down and try to give them the Gospel. One or two get angry, many listen. I caught the flu last Friday (Oct 6) I had it for 7 days! I thought I was better so I walked to Wednesday service at church. I also damaged my right foot, so it was painful. That night, when I got up at 3 AM to start prayer time, I was very dizzy. I had to hold onto the walls to go to the bathroom. I do not have an internet connection at my apt. so I asked my wife to have her sister Betty to put a prayer request for me on her Face book. I need it. I got better last night, (Oct. 13) and was able to do a little soul winning and shopping for food at the store.

10-19-17 Then the other foot fell ! GOUT !! Uric acid from eating red meat, etc. crystallizes and forms needles that stab the nerves. It feels like it sounds. I then had the worst Gout attack in both feet I have ever had, for 9 straight days. For 9 days,I could barely stand, and put my weight on a foot, let alone walk. Yesterday, I finally gave in and went to the hospital. (Usually, it gets better after a few days on it’s own) I also have a large infection, right where my shower shoes strap presses, on my left foot. Pastor Moises wheeled me around in a wheel chair from station to station. I did not know they had medicine to make the swelling go down in your feet, but it is working today. I was able to slowly descend my stairs and start a load of laundry. (Barely had energy to get back upstairs). God did answer prayer, He sent a Health care worker to my door so II could witness and pass out a tract. God provided food and help when I needed it. Praise His name.

10-25-17 Pastor Damazio took me to the Hospital after 7-8 days of Gout. They discovered an infection I had on my left foot. (no wonder I could not stand on it.). They prescribed medicine for the Gout, which I did not know they had. It is all cured now, Amen. I discovered another medical problem which forced me to fly home. I was shopping and soul winning in Centro for first time after being sick. I fell while walking. My knee gave out on me, despite the brace I already wear. My knee has deteriorated so bad that I have trouble taking care of myself. I began to pray for a ticket to go home, after, the next day I could barely walk to the front gate without problems. Pastor Demazio lent me $721 to buy a ticket to fly to LAX from Florianopolis Oct. 30. I asked for wheel chair service every flight. I used to enjoy flying, but not being able to walk around makes it very hard. When I get to LAX, I do not know how I will travel to my apt. in Escondido. I have been asking for help. Thank you for those who prayed for my health. First Baptist Church of Grafton Ill. sent me a love gift to reimburse all the $721 I borrowed to buy a plane ticket home. Thank you so much !!. An airport employee at LAX pushed me in a wheelchair from the door of the aircraft, to immigration, to baggage, through customs, to the outside Taxi stand. I could barely walk. I t cost $275 for an airport shuttle to take me home to Escondido. In the van, I gave a Gospel tract to a man named “Rafael” behind me. I asked him where he was from. “Mexico City”. I asked him his job. “Judge Federal Supreme Court”. ! The Supreme Court. Wow. the driver helped wheel my bags to my apt, door. Thank you Lord! This trip was grueling.

11-6-17 Soul winning today was at the Veterans Administration, and Valley Thrift Store. I had to give blood at the lab for my upcoming check up. I gave out gospel tracts and tried to witness. I had to take a Taxi, and witnessed to Adam , the driver. He is from Thailand. Very interesting man. He used to do the language dubbing for English films, and worked for Radio Thailand. I also gave out tracts at Valley Thrift Store. While setting on the bunch bench on way home, I tried to witness to a lady. She told me “You have your religion , etc.” She would not listen. Sad Proud and ignorant.

11-25-17 Beautiful day to go soul winning. I witnessed to a Jehovah’ Witness who was standing 7 feet from my front door when I went out. Among other things, I told her she had to be born again. I ran into a man who was already saved, then I met a Mexican man and his wife sitting right outside the .99 cent store. I explained the Gospel in Spanish. When I left him, he was reading the tract. I gave out a few more tracts in and outside the store. While waiting on the bus bench, I began to witness to an 88 yr old Mexican man fro Michoacan. I am not sure he understood me, but I tried my best. He said he reads the Bible every night. Returning home I walked very slow in the heat.

Thank you so much for your gifts and prayers. I really need them.

The final date to receive any financial donations to be deposited for December at CMC (Central Missionary Clearing House) is Dec. 15. In less than 2 weeks. Any giving received after this date will NOT be deposited untl Jan 2018. Thank you, Merry Christmas !!

Evangelist Steven R. Morris

Home church: 1st Baptist Church, 1000 Pine Ave. Long Beach, Ca. 90813

Donations made out to : Central Missionary Clearing House, P.O. Box 219228, Houston , Tx. 77218

for Steve Morris, Brazil . You may “click and give” on-line at: http://www.cmcmissions.org, E-mail: stevemissions@gmail.com Blog at: http://www.preacherbrazil.wordpress.com



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