You could be a sidewalk Evangelist too !

You could be a sidewalk evangelist too!
12-1-17 Today I went up and down the sidewalk on E. Mission Ave soul winning. I was able to go through the Gospel with a Mexican man who was waiting by his truck to start work on some new apartments they are finishing. He said he goes to a Catholic church in Vista. I emphasized that my faith is in the Word of God, and why. Not in what my church or Pastor says. That Jesus brother James in James 2:10 wrote that we all will end our life in Hell for only one sin. We can never do anything to earn our way to Heaven. That I never killed anybody, but have lied, have stolen, and as a law breaker like everyone is (except the Virgin born Jesus) I deserve Hell. That my faith is not in my church or good works but in the work, the blood of the cross of Jesus. For everyone , He paid my sin debt when He died, was buried and arose from the dead, satisfying God’s just demand for payment for my sin. That in August 1979, in Torrance Ca, I bowed my head and asked Him to forgive me, and come into my heart. At that instant I was Born Again. I told him he needed to be born again. At that moment his coworker drove up and he left to start work. I gave out Gospel tracts to those walking by.

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