Do the MAIN THING! Evangelize

Missionary, Evangelist, Pastor:
Don’t forget the MAIN thing.
We can devote our time, prayers and energy to so many things that distract, and are not the MAIN thing Jesus commanded you to do:
Mark 16:15 “And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.”

TO EVANGELIZE, take the Gospel to every creature. If I lived in your town, and was lost and on my way to hell, could I depend on YOU to get the Gospel to me? In my town, there live Evangelists, Pastors and missionaries who live close to me. For many years, I have never had one of them knock on my door with the Gospel. Why?
They do not major on getting the Gospel out!
I have had people from the local Spanish church, Getsemani Baptist come to my door, and also leave tracts on my door. Thank God for those obeying God’s command. EVANGELIZE!

I think many people have heard the analogy before. Some men at the fire station polish the fire truck. But that is not their main job.

Some cook food. But that is not their main job.

Some wash clothes, or clean equipment. But that is not why they are there.


Even so it is with Christians.

The main job of every Christian is to preach the Gospel to every creature and make disciples.

This not a gift of the Holy Spirit, as it is with an Evangelist, who has been given an ability and desire to reach the lost, more than the average Christian.

It is a command !

If you are not soul winning,  you are soul losing . (Clint Miller)

I know so many Christians, whether full time workers, or not, who simply have excuses for disobeying the clear command of Christ.

A missionary church planter can not plant a church, if he does not constantly preach the Gospel , win souls and discipilize  them. Its great you finished school, and got trained or raised so much support, but when you get to the field, if you were not soul wining and spreading the gospel at home, you will not do it on the mission field. You must win them in order to build a Church.

I know missionaries who translate songs into the native language, but that is not your main job. Or teach people how to grow crops, etc. that is not biblical missions. Paul and his followers “filled the town” with their doctrine.  There are thousands of lost people depending on the Christian to get the Gospel to them, or they can  not be saved. Then they will go t0o Hell. “There is one thing worse than being lost and without Christ, and that is being lost, and no one is looking for you.” (Dwight Tomlinson)

Be a soul winner all you can, every day.


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