Prayer Letter July 29, 2016 Evangelist Steve Morris

Evangelist Steve Morris


Soul winning in Centro Manaus


 Funeral by Terminal 2,body lying in state.

Dear praying friends:

6-7-16 I was exhausted soul winning yesterday in Centro. I think I went through the Gospel with 3 people, and handed out over 200 Gospel tracts. (see photo). I printed 400 new tracts “You Must Be Born Again.” Most people go to church but do not know, or have never heard that they have to be born again if they want to go to Heaven. Today, I went to a buss stop called “Terminal 2” and as I was Evangelizing, came upon a funeral. (photo) I walked in like I belonged there and gave everyone a Gospel Tract. All they can do is ask me to leave. Everyone took a tract, most said thank you. Amen

I flew back to Escondido, via LAX airport June 16. I was having problems with my balance and blood pressure, especially in the heat of Manaus. I had planned to stay longer, but was able to get a ticket home. Pastor Bill Hendricks and his church First Baptist of Grafton, Ill. helped with $400. to purchase a plane ticket to Los Angeles, instead of San Diego. (Much cheaper price.) Pastor Les Smaltz from Harbor Light Baptist in Harbor City picked me up, and I waited all day, went to mid-week services, then he drove me home. Thank you.

On this trip to Manaus, I gave out 6,000 tracts, and went through the gospel with 70 people one on one, many of them people I met cold turkey right here on the street, waiting for a bus. (see photo above)

6-21-16 Soul winning in crazy weather. Yesterday it was 108 F here in Escondido. Today it is 79 F . I’ll take it. Much nicer. I went through the Gospel completely with 2 people in English, and with 2 in Spanish. The last one was a lady with a Catholic literature and Catholic trinkets table, for sale, outside. Different. I was so happy to get through ALL the gospel without her interrupting. Amen. Handed out tracts at Valley thrift store, and in front of .99 cent store.

7-9-16 I was able to go through the complete Gospel with 3 people today. One was a lady at a bus stop, who told me she was Catholic. I told her Eternal life is in a person, not a Church. He that hath the Son hath life. She eventually told me she did not want to talk with me anymore. Another time was with a Mexican man waiting on the bus bench with me. He said he was from Querretero. I read the Gospel “Como Ser Salvo” to him. He would not commit / answer my questions “Would you go to Heaven or Hell”, he just kept nodding his head. But he listened. My job is to go as far as I can. Planting, sowing watering.

I almost forgot. At the Valley thrift store, as a very large group of people waited at the entrance for the store to open, I went around and offered tracts to those who would take it, and witnessed to those who would listen. I came upon two Mormons in their white shirts, name tags and ties. (wolves in sheep,s clothing) . There was a young black man standing in the middle of them. He told me he was not a Mormon but was considering joining them. I began to tell him y testimony, and stressed that it was impossible to earn eternal life, that one sin one time will take you to Hell. “They do not believe that, I pointed out.” I was feeling fortunate the Mormons had no reply, and walked away. I hope he does not join them and gets saved (the Mormons also!) They are the most difficult cult to reach, because all their religion is based on pride. Also, if they leave Mormonism, they will probably be shunned and lose their family, and friends, and possibly their jobs. Sad. Praise God they heard the truth, and I had a chance to reach this young man, maybe before it is to late.

7-11-16 During soul winning today I traveled by Sprinter train to Palomar College. In the Escondido Transit Center, I approached a 21 year old black man named “Diter?” After explaining the Gospel to him, he got saved ! Amen Then his ride came, and he had to go. He told me he lives in Temecula, so I told him to go to Pastor Goddard’s Church, in Wildomar. Then I sat opposite a young Vietnamese girl, and gave her the Gospel. We talked about many things. I witnessed to two more people at Palomar College, and gave out tracts. Amen!

7-27-16The most pitiful human I have seen, sat before me on a filthy jacket. He had black smeared mascara, or ashes smeared under one eye. He had a shaved head, and a pockmarked face, sweating in the shade. He wore ragged clothes, filthy also. He was eating a 4 layer bologna sandwich. As I gave him the Gospel (I was afraid he would snarl at me), he listened. I asked him if he ever heard that before. No answer, as he glanced at me. I told him about my short experience in Rio being homeless. No he did not get saved, but I gave him something more important than money.

The other man I witnessed to today worked at a medical marijuana dispensary. He just sat there as I told him my testimony, of how I got saved when I worked selling bongs and roach clips at a wholesale paraphernalia Co. in 1979. He asked me what about other religions who don’t believe that. I went into some bible prophecy about end time events. I hope I planted a seed in his heart.

7-28-16 I went soul winning today at Palomar College. I stopped a young man named Pedro and went through the Gospel with him. He lives in Escondido. He got saved! I left him some good literature and invited him to Iglesia Bautista Getsemani, in Escondido. As I walled and gave out tracts, I sat down next to a young lady and gave her the Gospel. She didn’t get saved, but it was her first time to hear how to be saved. Amen

I have been privileged to be healthy enough to go out soul winning 6 days a week, in Manaus, Brazil, and in California.

I am praying for some transportation to be able to reach new communities, and go where the bus can not go. I specifically have been praying for a Toyota motor home, (or a car) to be able to stay in one area and go door to door for awhile. I would love to be able to go to the various college campuses in America. They are wide open for the gospel. In this prayer letter, I mentioned two people who got saved at different times in Palomar college, nearby in San Marcos. Pray for this for me please, whatever the Lord wants, but transportation if possible. I have not had a car in 4 years.

Burlington Revival! I do not know if you had heard about what God did in Burlington North Carolina. A one week meeting in a Church by Evangelist CT Townsend turned into 12 weeks, with 1200 people saved so far. Every night there were between 60-150 pastors and 1000-5000 people present under a Gospel tent. Revival is the only hope for America! I watched every night for 4 weeks I think. I invested a lot of prayers and tears in this great event. Now he is purchasing a tent to travel from city to city. We need God, not methods. We need to pray for out country. A new politician as President will not change this Nation that has turned their back on God. Pray for my health, security and power to witness boldly. If someone does not sow the seed, plant and water, like I do every day, there will be no harvest.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

Evangelist Steven R. Morris

Home church: 1st Baptist Church, 1000 Pine Ave. Long Beach, Ca. 90813

Donations made out to : Central Missionary Clearing House, P.O. Box 219228, Houston , Tx. 77218 for Steve Morris, Brazil . You may “click and give” on-line at:, E-mail: Blog at:

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