Prayer Letter November 27,2015, Evangelist Steve Morris

Steven R. Morris
Dear Praying friends-

10-1-15 Evangelizing at University Cal San Marcos today. I started out by giving a Chinese tract to a lady that spoke little English. I handed out hundreds of gospel tracts and went through the entire Gospel plan with 8 people. Very receptive. I got these 2 photos of the “Booth” set up on the campus for the Jewish festival of Sukkot. Don’t believe the Media about today’s students, they are very nice and open to the Word of God.

From Sukot SMU 2

Sukkot Festival Booths at USMSD. Palomar College




10-3-15 this Saturday I led Alejandra to the Lord. She is 15. I actually found some new HUD housing I had never visited. She was at the second door.
10-6-15 I just led this young man at Escondido Transit Station to the Lord! His name is Angel. I continued on to Palomar College and witnessed to 4 more people. One of them just got out of prison. He claims he is saved, so I told him , despite a bad economy. AND a bad record, The Holy Spirit could guide him to a job. I handed out many tracts, also. What a Great day Evangelizing!

I was searching , and praying for the Lord’s guidance as I looked for a Hotel room to rent in Rio de Janeiro, where I was scheduled to fly back Nov. 5. Suddenly, on Facebook mssgr. , I received a message from Pastor Reinaldo Batista Mendes, a Rock of Ages Prison Minister in the City of Londrina, in the state of Parana. After praying about it for 3 days , I felt the Lord wanted to me to make my next trio to this City. I have worked with Prison inmates before, and I lived for 5 months in Curitiba, a city in this State. There are maybe 800,000 people or more that live there. I have Gospel tracts I wanted to take back with me. Because I made the Domestic reservation on GOL airlines, separate, from my Delta flight, they only permit 1 bag of 50 pounds for free, then every Kilo over that, I am charged R32.05 per Kilo. (A Kilo is 2.1 Pounds). (The Brazilian Real is R3,95 = $1. today, almost 4 for 1.) Excess baggage would have cost me $100. in the states, and then $480 in Brazil. !! Insane. So I had to repack and I am not taking many tracts, food, or clothes. My Brazilian friend Georgea Gardunho heard about my plight and tried to make a way for her sister to help me, who is flying to Brazil in three days. We could not figure out a way to cheaply ship 50 pounds of tracts in time to her sisters in San Jose, and then again in Brazil. Take note if you are going to travel to the Olympics in Brazil and have an interior domestic flight. MAKE THEM ALL TOGETHER ON ONE TICKET.
10-21-15 I fell in the bathroom getting up early to pray and my shoulder knocked a big dent 8 inches wide in the Sheetrock wall. YIKES! I am just a little sore. I went to Palomar College again and along the way and back went through the Gospel with 6 different people. No one was ready to get saved, and I also got “told off” by a couple people. They had their chance. Well Amen!
Back in Brazil !!11-16-15 Well, I am starting my block to block Evangelizing since arriving in Londrina, Parana, Brazil. At 2 PM today a Brother I am working with named Reinaldo Batista Mendes from the Rock of Ages Prison Ministries will pick me up and take me to a print shop where we plan to have 5,000 tracts printed for $110. About 2 cents each. If you would like to help with this printing or a future printing please do. I am able to attend a good Baptist Church with good music at Templo Batista Maranata, in Londrina. Pastor Manoel. Brother Reinado has been such a help to me every day. He picked me up at the airport when I arrived and took me to the Hotel. He picked me up to take me to church. One of the 3 prisons he works with had a riot. They burned 70% of the buildings. They also burned all their clothes. He said that they have 900 prisoners, sitting on the floor in their underwear in the dark. With little or no water. It is medieval. A murderer who served 10 years came to church Sunday. He still is not saved. If they let me, I will try to go to the Prison also.
11-26-15 Thanksgiving Day. I went downtown to Centro and went through the gospel with 6 people. I handed out about 150+ tracts. One girl I witnessed to is about 20 named Michelle. She was siting in a little shop selling cell phone parts. She listened very closely, and I pointed her to more study on my web site. This was the first time she ever heard the gospel. I am very sore after walking so much.



5000 “Do You Have the Son ” gospel tracts printed.




Evangelist Steven R. Morris
Home church: 1st Baptist Church, 1000 Pine Ave. Long Beach, Ca. 90813
Donations made out to : Central Missionary Clearing House, P.O. Box 219228, Houston , Tx. 77218 for Steve Morris, Brazil . You may “click and give” on-line at:, E-mail: Blog at:

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