Tips for soul winning and Christian living

1.  You will run across homeless people who will ask you for money. You can carry with you a small sealed packet of honey. I buy them for 7 cents. They are the perfect food for your body. And everybody likes sweets. I give them away. Sometimes the Lord leads me to give money. Have discernment. Often you would be giving money to buy booze or drugs. The homeless have been “evangelized” quite often, and know the right buttons to push. Love them, it could be you.

2. Leave a tract everywhere you can. Tracts are the world’s best missionaries. Put them where ever they will be seen and picked up. On car doors (don’t put them under the windshield wiper), on doors, in screen doors, in the bathroom. Leave them at ATM machines, hand them to the store clerk, leave them at gas pumps. Everywhere!

3.  Give the prospect the 10 commandments. To just say “have you ever sinned” does not bring enough conviction. “By the law is the knowledge of sin” . Get them condemned and lost, or they will not really trust in a Savior. Remember, have your goal to lead someone to repentance, not to just saying a prayer. (Mr 2:17  When Jesus heard it, he saith unto them, They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance. )

To many times we have shabbily dealt with a prospect and it left them worse off. They do not get saved, there is no change in their life, and when you or someone else tries to witness to them, they say (or think) “I already did that.” We almost vaccinate them against salvation. Be careful, you are dealing with an eternal soul. Be patient. Take your time.

4. Do not be part of the apostacy.  Fifty to 100 years ago, all preachers believed and preached that repentance meant a change of mind that caused a person to forsake their sin. Jesus gave us HIS definition of repentance, that is often not preached today:

He said “Mt 12:41  The men of Nineveh shall rise in judgment with this generation, and shall condemn it: because they repented at the preaching of Jonas; and, behold, a greater than Jonas is here.”  So whatever the men of Nineveh did, it was repentance. So let us go to the little book of Jonah and see what The Holy spirit wrote, and Jesus said, is repentance.

Jonah 3:8 says : “But let man and beast be covered with sackcloth, and cry mightily unto God: yea, let them turn every one from his evil way, and from the violence that is in their hands. 9 Who can tell if God will turn and repent, and turn away from his fierce anger, that we perish not? 10 And God saw their works, that they turned from their evil way; and God repented of the evil, that he had said that he would do unto them; and he did it not.”

So they repented, turned from their evil ways, and God turned from the judgment He was threatening them with.  Pastor Deiter Barnhoff of Germany (spelling?) was killed by the Nazis. He said there would come a day when men preached a salvation with no repentance. That day is here. Men must be convicted of their win, and be willing to turn from it and admit their guilt before the Lord, calling on Him to save them. This produces a new creature in Christ (2 Cor. 5:17) Ever hear this testimony: “Well I gave my heart to Christ when I was a child, then when I was a teen, I was a car thief, a drug taker, and went to prison, and other things I would rather not mention.” Etc. He that is born of God does not “practice” sin. Someone who never had a changed life is not saved. A Christian can “fall” into sin, but he does not stay there. God may have to chasten him, but he repents, forsakes the sin, and gets right with God. What does America need , and the world? To repent, turn from their evil sinful ways. One of the reasons they do not is because there is no preaching on biblical repentance. It’s the apostacy.

5.  Be filled with the Spirit. (Eph 5:18  And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit; )

You must beg God to fill you every day. And beg Him to guide you where to go, who to talk to. This means you must keep a clean heart. You must often be confessing your sins. Do you want God’s power or not? I have been out soul winning and felt I was by myself. I had to ask God to search me, and point out the sin that was keeping me from having soul winning and witnessing power. There is no magical formula, except a constant purging and walk with God.

6.  The motive for a person to be saved is that they are condemned sinners, and must flee from the wrath to come.  “Jesus has a wonderful plan for your life” is not the right way to present the gospel. Oh really? God’s will for Jesus was that He be rejected, mocked, spit on, and nailed to a cross.

7.  Humility and meekness. God resists the proud. We can be proud, and not even realize it.  Sin is so deceitful. I daily and often pray God would give me the meekness and humbleness, and faith of a child. I do not play the game of exalting myself among the brethren. I am just Steve the Evangelist. I answer to Jesus. No one else. As long as you are treating others right, don’t worry what they think. If you are on fire for God, and another brother is not, you will make them look bad, do to their inactivity. Christians today are lukewarm. Oh god, set me on fire!

8.  Make 3×5 prayer card of good prospects. As I witness daily, and really seem to get through to someone, I write their name age, and the date on a 3x 5 card. I pray for them systematically, every morning. George Muller had friends he prayed for 30 years for get saved after he died.

9.  God loves the poor homeless person. When it is raining, or cold, (or hot) I ask God to remember the poor, make it warmer, etc. I saved my french fries yesterday ( a huge order) and asked the Lord to show me who to give them too. As I sat in the promenade in Centro, a poor man started digging for aluminum cans in the trash by me. I gave them to him. He was happy. You could be there too someday.

10.  Do I have to stop smoking to get saved? I had a man ask me that. what do you think? No one can do anything to “earn” salvation. All of us are condemned to Hell for just one sin. But I think we are dealing with repentance here again. A repentant person has a contrite surrendered heart. Jesus said if anything keeps you from getting saved, cut it off! Otherwise these words make no sense.   Mark  9:43  “And if thy hand offend thee, cut it off: it is better for thee to enter into life maimed, than having two hands to go into hell, into the fire that never shall be quenched:”

My brother-in-law knew he had to get saved. He also knew, that when we got saved ourselves, we changed our music, from rock music, to God’s music. He was the drummer in a rock band. I prayed and prayed for him. Someone broke his knee with a baseball bat. He still did not get saved. I kept praying. A year later he called me from jail. “I got saved he shouted.”! Yes he did. He finally had a repentant spirit about his lifestyle. Be willing to give up anything if it is keeping you from accepting Christ.

11. When I approach a group standing in line, I silently pray for the first person to take a tract. If they do, usually, everyone else does. If they turn the tract down, many others follow their lead and say “no” also. This is where boldness from the Holy Spirit comes in. I just go down the line, sometimes 20-50 people long, and ask “Would you like a tract”. You have to get used to being rejected. I have had many people receive a gospel witness this way.

12. Pray, pray , pray! Pray for power, pray for love, pray for compassion. Pray for wisdom, what to say and do, Pray for guidance, pray for tears. You must keep a clean heart and ask God to use you

13. Every tract is a potential convert being pulled out of Hell. Or.. it will be a witness against that person at the Great White Throne judgment that they had a chance to hear the gospel. Mt 24:14 “And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.”

14. Your motivation must be “Obedience and love to Jesus Christ” and none other. As long as you are doing what Jesus said to do, lukewarm Christians, lazy Christian leaders, and others will criticize you. You will make them look bad. I will answer to Christ how I used my talents. My money, time and abilities, my opportunities. I am in training to be a manager, a ruler, in His future kingdom. If I can operate by faith, with less income, get the gospel to thousands, warning them, I will be rewarded. He knows if I struggle with the foreign language, my handicaps, my abilities, etc. We are not all the same. We are rewarded for investment of OUR talents. Not some other Christians. We all have different ministries, and often do them different ways. Just because someone else does something differently, does not make them wrong. Don’t criticize others unless they are clearly violating a scriptural principle. Just do your own job. In short “mind your own business !”

15.  Working crowds. A few things I have learned. People take a tract less often when they are walking by, part of a large crowd. The pride thing? While walking on less crowded streets, almost everyone I offer a tract to takes one, when they are walking solitary. Also.. When I am in a shopping district that features expensive , fancy stores, I get turned down a lot more. When I go to the streets with mom and pop stores, and lower income people frequent these stores, I have  a lot more success. The gospel is preached, and received by the POOR in spirit.

16.  I love looking back, seeing people absorbed in reading a tract I gave them. Amen! You and I do not know what the results will eventually be. Just sow the Word, plant, and water, and some times you get to reap a soul. Remember what Jesus said in John 4:38  “I sent you to reap that whereon ye bestowed no labour: other men laboured, and ye are entered into their labours.” Ministries who always push for numbers, get a lot of false professions. Sometimes it takes a long time to win someone. Just go as far as you comfortably can with someone.

17.  I got such a blessing Saturday (3-2-13). As I rode a 3 car bus in Curitiba Brazil to evangelize downtown, I gave a girl sitting next to me a tract. Then I proceeded to witness to her, through the noise. She listened, but had to leave the bus abruptly. Another lady took her seat. She eagerly read the literature and listened to me, rather amazed. I guess she wasn’t expecting to hear this kind of thing, and it surprised her. As I got off, I looked back. She was engrossed in reading my literature I left her. That is what I live for.

18. Today (3-5-13) while waiting coming back from daily evangelism, waiting for the bus at Terminal Oficina, here in Curitiba , Brazil, I gave a tract to a lady. She listened as I witnessed to her, then handed the tract back, saying something about she did not believe in religion. I replied, “Just because you believe that, is not going to change what will happen to you.” Every encounter is not always sweet. We are not to “strive” with people, as this makes them proud, and we accomplish nothing. God will not give grace to a proud person. He gives grace to the humble. (2Ti 2:24  “And the servant of the Lord must not strive; but be gentle unto all men, apt to teach, patient,” and  Jas 4:6  But he giveth more grace. Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble.”) Some people have honest sincere questions, this person was proud and condescending.

19.  God’s timing. I pray for Divine appointments. That God would guide me to people He wants me to talk to. That The Lord would guide me to people with an open and good heart. With a humble teachable spirit. Today , I was very tired and several times had stopped and asked God to continue to guide me, as I went house to house evangelizing in Cajara , a bairro in Curitiba Brazil. I began to go up the street on the way back, putting tracts in mail boxes (legal here) and handing them  to people and talking to them. I was almost back to the main street where I started and looked up.  I was shocked as maybe 500 students at a Jr. High where getting out of school 1 block away. Just a mass of them. I love witnessing to young people. I began to give out tracts left and right. God’s timing was perfect. Amen. I have had this happen many times, or The Lord put someone right in front of me that was an obvious soul winning opportunity. Pray.

20. Dogs.  Yes, dogs. In Tijuana, Mexico, and here in Brazil, I have had to contend with the dogs. I have been bitten on the hand twice, and on the pants about 3 times. In Mexico, many of them roam the street, I have to carry a rock with me. In Brazil, they almost always are behind a fence, locked up. (Amen)  It is their property, I am the intruder. I usually just ignore them. I had a sneaker today. He acted innocent as he waited on the driveway for me to approach. This was a rare occasion where he was not locked up. Then when I got near, he leaped at me and snarled in all his viciousness. I looked for a rock. Usually that is enough. They scatter then, I almost never throw it. They get the message. There are the twirlers, they are going round and round , almost like chasing their tails. All for me to see. There are the leapers, showing off their ability to almost reach my hand at the mail box. There are the bangers, they are behind a fence or wall unseen, as they wait silently as I approach, and at the appropriate moment, leap and crash into the metal wall, making a loud noise. There are the smart ones, who just sit there and look at me, and quietly watch me put a tract in the mail box, knowing they can do nothing. There are the “little rat” dogs, so small that they look like a rat, but they do their job and bark away. There are the pairs, who fight “It’s my turn”, one of them seems to say as he fights with his partner to get the privilege to attack me. Today I was amazed to turn around and see a furious noise coming from, .. 2 Great Danes, and 4 other dogs, all in one yard. One yard had a Saint Bernard (in Brazil?). Dogs. Whole neighborhoods enveloped in barking dogs, upset and doing their job to let the missionary know.. watch out, I am on guard. Also, they know how far their little teeth can reach, you do not. They will wait for you to put your hand out to put a tract in a mailbox, then thrust their head and teeth, sometimes quite closer than you thought. I read of a man that went into a backyard where a lion was on a chain. A lion. He thought he was safe, but the chain was 20-30 feet long, and the lion mauled him! Just ignore them, and I try never to throw a rock, just threaten to, as I will probably be back to the same house some day. They remember. I once saw a standoff between a gopher and a German shepherd. Every time the dog went to bite him in half, the gopher  bit the soft black tip of the dogs nose, and it backed off. So, who won? The gopher could not turn away from his constant on guard attitude in always biting the dogs nose as the dog tried to make him lunch. If he turned too make a dash for his borrow, the dog would chomp him easily. I did not stay that long to see the end. Dogs.

21.  Be quick on the draw. I must be ready, and get the tract out to offer the person quickly. Many do not even pause, but just keep walking. They may read it later, who knows. I pray they will. If you see a person on the other side of the street, go over and give them a tract now. they will be gone when you come back by doing the other side of the street. If they have dogs that will not stop barking, I just smile and say thank you, and go on. You usually do not get much done trying to speak above the loud dog.

22. Dealing with Jehovah’s witnesses and Mormons, etc. I took all the classes. I studied all the verses to show them their errors. THEY USUALLY DO NOT LISTEN! If I try to give them a verse, and they just ignore it, then I do not waste my time dealing with them, but always try to leave them a tract. If they try to take my bible, to show me a verse, I do not let them. Usually, you will get a bad spirit as you debate with them. The servant of the Lord must not strive… I used to almost beat them up, really. Leave my neighbors alone with your lies!! Not anymore. I just walk by and say, let me give you a tract. If they try to give me one of theirs, I say “That is not the truth, this is the truth.” And leave. Just go find someone open who will listen. I used to have the Mormons offer to shake my hands, I was uncomfortable. Now I know what to do. If you shake their hand, you are showing those watching “I am in fellowship with you.” NO I AM NOT!! They teach lies about our great and mighty God. They are deceived.  I love them, but I think the best thing to do is to say, “I will shake your hand if you will denounce Mormonism.” That will get their attention. They are going to Hell. Someone must tell them. Be kind and meek. Thank God I did not end up in a cult. I had the Hare Krishnas give me candy at the LAX airport. I took the Scientology test in San Francisco. I even had Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book. Thank God for His Amazing Grace! I usually tell the Mormons “Joseph smith said that all churches had become corrupted”, thus they call themselves,”Later Day Saints”, and Jesus said the gates of Hell would NOT prevail against His Church. One of them is lying. Some good verses to show Jehovah’s False Witnesses, if they will listen are: Isaiah 41:4, 44:6, and 48:12. these show Jehovah God is the First and the last. then take them to Revelation 1:17-18, which shows that this person called “the first and last” was dead, and now is alive. this can only mean Jesus is the first and last and Jehovah God. Also Rev. 2:8., and then Revelation 22:13. Jesus is the First and last, the Alpha and Omega, The Mighty God, the Prince of Peace, the Savior, Jehovah God, and God the Son!

23. Discernment, a skill that is very important. Let us look at this verse. Mark 12:34  “And when Jesus saw that he answered discreetly, he said unto him, Thou art not far from the kingdom of God. And no man after that durst ask him any question.”

Jesus could tell by this man’s answers, that he was close to being saved. You and I need to ask questions and listen carefully when we deal with someone about their spiritual life. I have seen to many churches, where the “soul winners” main goal seemed to be getting someone to bow their head and repeat a prayer. There are people I love who have done this, repeated a prayer, but are not saved, they never had a change in their life. One person I know says they “said the prayer” when they were a kid, but I saw them spit on the bible with anger and disgust. Really?! They show no evidence of the Spirit of God ever coming into their heart. Yet they “already did that”. The shallow way they were dealt with helps blind their eyes to the truth. Perhaps Jesus will say to many such people,  “be gone from me, ye that work iniquity, I never knew you.” Discernment. If a person does says they do not believe the bible, deal with them about fulfilled prophecy. If a person says they believe “part, or some of the bible”, then they are making themselves the authority, and not totally trusting the Word of God. (They believe they can pick or choose what the believe, and what is true or not.)     I am very careful about asking a person if they want to be saved. They must admit they are a Sinner, worthy of punishment in Hell, and realize Jesus paid their sin debt with His blood. I do use the unknown doctrine among Fundamentalists, repentance. I ask them if they are ready to turn from their sin and go God’s way. This certainly makes people stop and think, but God “must grant them repentance”. (2Ti 2:25  In meekness instructing those that oppose themselves; if God peradventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth;) Their part is to have a meek contrite heart. discernment, very important.

24. Have bookmarks you can quickly turn to for the important verses, John 3:3, Ephesians 2:8-9, James 2:10, Romans 10:9-10. You must get and hold of a persons attention right away. I have a printed soul winning presentation available, (a little booklet) in large print which I point to , verse by verse, right away. I read it aloud and run my finger over it. Do not use materials with small print. Older folks, and people sitting there can not see what you are reading. I know of a church that had a great tract, with great illustrations, but in print so tiny , no one could read it. A waste of money. I use a large print bible. I can read it, because my eyes are not so good, and the person I am showing the verse to can read it along with me. This is simple, but many do not practice this, or think about it. We are ambassadors for the coming kingdom of God. I have tracts placed in my bible at the verses which I want to show the prospect where I can easily turn to them.

25.  Be time sensitive. Sometimes when a person says or acts like they are in a hurry, they are! they may be going somewhere important. Leave them a tract and a good memory, if you can. When I am dealing with someone, and they start glancing around, I wind things up if I can not reclaim their attention. Are they paying attention? Is the message getting through.

26.  What do they do with “The Word of God”? If they will not even take a tract, I go to the person who takes a tract. If they start reading it right away, I often let them read it, and when they get to the end, start by asking “Do you believe that?” I usually ask the famous question “If you were to die today , do you know 100% sure you would go to Heaven?” Yes, No, or not sure. This gives me some indication of where they are in their spiritual life, and where to start. Here in Brazil, because they think that you have to be “good” to go to Heaven, and the Catholic church has taught them it is a sin to say you know you have eternal life, they will mockingly say “Only God knows”, of “No one knows for sure!” I whip out 1 John 5:12-13, which says “He that has the Son has life, and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life.” , and then verse 13 says.. “that ye may know that ye have eternal life.” Here lately I have been asking “The Bible says you can know that you have eternal life, and your church says you can not. Who is telling the truth?!

27. Use your testimony. Several times we read where the Apostle Paul told others what happened to him, his personal testimony. The same with the woman at the well in John ch. 4, she told others what happened to her. She did not quote a Bible verse, she did not attend a soul winning course, each of them gave their personal testimony. I use mine every day. It is rather dramatic.  If you are a true born again christian, you can and should tell others often what happened to you, and how you got saved. It is natural and easy.

28.  Use the system that works for you. Of course, a person has to know they are a sinner, that there is a judgement on sin, that they will go to Hell if they do not get saved, that they must repent and trust Christ’s blood atonement on the cross to pay for their sin, to be born again. But how you present that is up to you. I was with a christian and we were going door to door soul winning. He repeated the Roman’s road like a robot. As  if doing it differently is not allowed. You may have discovered a system of gospel presentation that is just right for you. As long as it gets a person saved, use it!  I use all kinds of verses and methods. I read of an evangelist that sets down and reads a tract to the prospect, each time. Do not be locked into some system you were taught , afraid to do things different.

to be continued…

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