The destruction of Damascus

Isaiah 17:1  The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.

This prophecy has never been fulfilled.  Damascus is the worlds oldest city.  However, it will soon will be vaporized, sad to say.  The leader of Damascus is threatening the world that if he is attacked, he will destroy Tel Aviv.  Israel, in turn threatens massive retaliation if one rocket is launched against its citizens. The scenario written by the ancient prophets of God is soon to be fulfilled.  God’s Word can not be broken.  The Lord it seems, is so patient, after warning mankind for 1000’s of years, He still is giving them a chance to repent.

Events of the last days are accelerating so fast, the nations are roaring in protests, the world is being set up for the soon to appear Antichrist, about whom so much is written.  Satan’s plan is confusion and lies.  We as born again believers can look honestly and seriously for the rapture and day.  Let us be going “all out”, fervently warning souls and preaching the gospel of hope, that will not only save souls from hell, but also give them a rapture ticket out of the coming horrors of the Great Tribulation.  My book is available now on in electronic form called “The Coming Great Tribulation – The Time of Jacob’s Trouble.”  It is a very good witnessing tool, and was written to warn and save souls. It has many messianic prophecies, and would be very good to give to a Jewish person.  Pray I can print it in Portuguese, please, it is being translated right now. The coming of the Lord draweth nigh..!

As Thomas Paine wrote in his pamphlet Common Sense, may we borrow and change a phrase from it. “Now is not the time for the “Sunshine Christian” who will not sacrifice for The Lord Jesus.  Now is the time to give all you have, to deny yourself, every day, for souls.

Pray for me to be used to the max, please.

Steve Morris


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