Some suggestions concerning gospel tracts.

Some suggestions concerning gospel tracts.
By Evangelist Steve Morris

1.  Always carry tracts.  I have tracts in my shirt pocket  
all of the time.  If you are a Pastor or lead a group, the 
people will follow your example.
2.  Be fast on the draw and brief.  I say "Here is a tract 
from my  church," Or "I want to invite you to my  church" as I 

offer them a tract.
3.  Expect to be turned down.  But, give everyone a chance. 
Don't be ashamed or discouraged when they do not take your 
tract, just keep smiling and go to the next person.
4.  Have the name and address stamped on the back.  Or, if I 
am working in an area away from my church, I have a general 
stamp that says "Fundamental Baptist Church".
5.  I advise churches to print tracts with large font size 
letters.  I have seen some very good tracts, but the letters 
were so small, I could not read it.  This is a waste.  And older
 folks need large print as well.  The tract you give a senior 
person could be his last chance to be confronted with the truth
... before he dies and goes into eternity.
6.  Leave tracts everywhere you can.  I leave one at the ATM
 machine, in the bathrooms, inside books, on car doors (not on 
the windshield).  When a person gets into the car, they have 
to grab the tract first.
In Brazil it is legal to leave tracts inside the mailbox.  
I call myself "God's mailman".  In the United States, leave 
tracts on the doors.
7. People do read them and do get saved, but you will not know 
that quite often until you get to Heaven.
8.  If you have the ability, write and print your own tracts.  
Churches should give out tracts that cover different subjects .
 The rapture, the blood, the cross, Jesus, etc.  Would you take 
a newspaper and read it if it always said the same thing?  
I don't think so.  I know churches that have used the same 
tract  (sometimes a different color) for years.  Yes it 
should contain the gospel about how to be saved, but this 
can be included into many different sermons and messages.
Here in Brazil, they read what I give them. I love walking 
back by and seeing people intently reading the tract I gave 
9.  Reach the crowds. Sporting events, Malls, bus stations.  
I especially like going through the bus station where people 
are bored and waiting for the bus to come.  Give them the 
truth to read!
And reach every individual.. like that man sitting in the 
park on a bench, or a teen reading a book.
10.  Be prepared.  Packing my back-pack is a daily ritual.  
I carry Portuguese, English and Spanish tracts.  (and other 
languages in small quantities.) Then I have portions of the 
bible in John/Romans, and have tracts for the cultists I meet,
 Espiritists (a cult in Brazil).  Make sure you carry a tract
 for the children you meet.  You could have a powerful first
 impression on a young soul. I have several printed sermons
 I give out, on security of the believer, and concerning the
 last days, etc.
11.  If a security guard or manager tells you to leave. 
For example , an apartment complex, then go somewhere else.
  I used to argue.  Dumb. I often am soul winning early, 
before the manager or others are awake! In Brazil, I stand at
 the stop light, and give out tracts between the cars when 
the light changes.
I carry a small plastic bottle of water in my back-pack on hot
 days.  And something to give me energy, like an apple , or a

What does doing all this accomplish?
1. You are obeying Christ’s command to take the gospel to 
every creature.
2. You are bringing the light to your dark community.
3.  You will pull souls from Hell.
4.  You will “shine forever brighter than the stars”, an 
eternal reward. (Daniel 12:3)
5. You will help build your church and the kingdom of God.
6.  At the Great White throne Judgment, God can call you as 
a witness, that you did give that person a chance to hear the
7.  Walking giving out tracts and soul winning helps you stay
 in shape and lose weight.
8.  This is the best way I know of to get joy!!!
9.  Since there is a Hell, soul winning is the greatest job 
on earth.

What about it, are you a soul winner, are you a daily witness?
If you do not use it, you will lose it.
In many countries , you do not have the liberty to pass out 
a tract with the truth in it.  You can not do this in a Muslim 
country, or North Korea, and many others forbid this liberty
 and freedom Americans and others take for granted.  
Now we are becoming a surveillance society.  That's OK, 
I am not ashamed of the gospel.
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