Recipe for happiness

I went walking to go soul winning this Saturday morning to go to the Sprinter short rail train to travel to evangelize a new area.  It is early, 7 am, but I have a long way to walk.  I prayed asking the Lord if I should go, and I believe He said to wait.  I found out why as I stopped because of the rain about two blocks away from home, in front of the 7-11 convenience store.  Rain. Oh well.  I began to hand out tracts to those who were going in the store.  I talked to many spanish speaking people from Mexico, and one from El Salvador.  I told him about Noe Rivas, Pastor of Iglesia Batista Getsemani who is from El Salvador.  I hope he goes, and pray for that.  I ran into a few english speakers but mostly the Spanish folks were on their way to get coffee and go to work. Maybe 20-30 passed me.  They all got a tract, and I spoke to those who would talk to me.  It was only for about 40 minutes, as I decided the rain was going to hinder my original plans.       As I walked home , I was happy.  Jesus told us to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.  If you obey God, you will be happy.  The more, the happier.  A great recipe for happiness is to take a handful of your churches gospel tracts, and a New Testament, go for a walk and give one to every person you can.  Before you go, ask God to guide you to people open to the gospel, and to fill you with His Holy Spirit.  He will.  I always find myself stopping, bowing my head and praying “Lord, guide me to who you want me to talk to.  Every where I go , it is because you guided me there.  Everyone I talk to, it is because you wanted me to talk to them.”

God knows who needs to be warned, who is going to die soon, who needs spiritual watering, just what to say, when to say it, etc.  So the wise soul winner commits everything to Him.

Do you have financial troubles, problems, no job, etc., then try this.  You will come back happy.  I guarantee it is better than any drug, any therapy, anything.  Joy is the fruit of a soul winner.  Do you want joy, then go.  You also will stay physically healthy, and promote your church, and the Kingdom of God.  You will usually find someone who has worse problems than you. that’s true.  In Brazil, I see blind folks, crippled, severely handicapped, the poor. I find myself saying “Thank you Lord, I can walk normal, thank you I can see.”

A recipe for happiness, tried and proven!

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